Friday, February 5, 2010

Teh Academy & More Random Goodies.

Spring 2010 semester is going to be a lot of fun for me this time around... Prolly because I'm taking three shooting classes opposed to just taking it easy and rolling with just one shooting class per semester.


Let's breakdown my class schedule this semester shall we?

Mr. Diza's Spring 2010 Schedule.

  1. Fashion & Beauty 2. (BOMB SHIT)
  2. Still Life 1.
  3. Fine Art Portraiture. (Fun Fun)
  4. Critical Thinking / Philosophy. (BOMB SHIT)

I'm pretty excited for my Philosophy class... The first class session was pretty epix. We were talking about if Nothing can exist and that sparked a crazy ass class discussion that lasted about half the class time.

- All about that shit.

My Fine art Portraiture class is pretty damn cool... my prof is a bad ass lady from NYC who really doesn't take shit from anyone and the way she structured the class is pretty easy and she's real chill when it comes to the format the shots are turned in. unfortunately for me I can't really afford printing paper at the moment so she's going to let me slide with just turning in a digital file to show for critique.

- Assignment 1: SELF-PORTRAIT. BLAH.

I already have a bumping idea for my final project in that class. I'd tell you guys now what it is, but I think I can wait till I drop that bomb VIA TWITTER/FACEBOOK.

- xox

I'm pretty excited for my latest personal Project... I have a big feeling that it will be a huge success. Not because of all the beautiful people that will be a part of this project but I think it will catch the attention of a lot of people in San Francisco and hopefully it will become one of my major projects.

- Only a few people know what this project is... ;)

I'm happy that I already have so many people on board to help model for this Epix ass project of mine. I will begin shooting this hopefully next week in the studio. Mainly the project will consist of female models but I'm going to be a little different this time around and try to shoot a lot more males just to mix it up a little.

- Oh yes this will be heavily promoted on FB/TWITTER & The Academy of Art.

Feels really good to be back into the swing of things, I feel that I've been neglecting the other side of me that is Photography. Love DJing but I think it's time for me to focus a little bit more on my master craft and use the DJing as an outlet to promote my work.

- I expect my Lovely duo to not only take photos at "##l###y ###t##s" but also recruit models as well.


- Due to the positive response to Quick & Dirty Vol.4 I've decided to begin the groundwork for Vol.5! Stay tuned!


Sir Stafford B. has his eyes set on a pretty Luxurious white bar and new furniture that he will be purchasing next week. We will be hosting a


Invitations will be sent via Facebook.


In collaboration with the OAKLAND Police.

- haha... yeah...

Diorable & Hommies.

- Hommies, get it? like Homme, as in DIOR HOMME... haha yeah... *dork*

will be launching some pretty bomb 21+ parties. I was born and raised in a 21+ environment.

- IE: Frisco Disco. R.I.P.

So I figured it's best to start parties in that 21+ scene. Oh and what a change of scenery this will be, DOWNTOWN OAKLAND. The person (who shall remain anonymous) I've been talking who has also been in talks with Mr. Paradise & DeeJay Mykill. With that said, I don't feel totally alone and isolated throwing some shit over on the other side of the bay.

- Holding the Flag for a new area that needs to be taken over with large amounts of DISCO, HOUSE, ELECTRO-HOUSE, AND JEEP BEEPS.

- For my under 21 crowd, it's no problem. We can get you all in without any trouble.

With that said, I think 2010 across the board is looking great for everyone that I know. Maybe because it's an even number based year, odd based years usually fucking suck.

Yeah, I'm going to stop typing now...


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